School, youth care blamed for boy, 17, drowning in Gelderland

Crime scene
Crime scenePhoto: Politie

Two boys with behavioral problems managed to slip away during school hours to go swimming, because of insufficient supervision by the staff of a school and a youth care institution in Zetten in Gelderland, three inspectorates concluded after investigation. As a result, one of the boys drowned in the Rhine river in May last year, NOS reports.

The two pupils attended Otto Gerhard Heldringstichting and the nearby De Brouwerijschool. In May last year they slipped out of school and tried to swim across the river. One made it. The other, a 17-year-old boy from Den Bosch, did not. His body was found later the same day.

The Inspectorates for Education, Healthcare, and Justice and Security investigated the incident. They concluded that both institutions did not do enough to limit the risks surrounding the young people's daily school hours. "Both the Heldringstichting and De Brouwerij did not comply to agreements on the supervision of the young people. This involves a joint responsibility of both organizations", according to the Inspectorates. 

Both organizations took additional measures after the drowning. But an unannounced visit from inspectors revealed that supervision is still insufficient. "An essential measure was not implemented and those responsible were not aware of this", the Inspectorates said in a report. The Inspectorates raise doubts about the organizations' improvement and the internal supervision by the boards involved.

The inspectors will pay the organizations another unannounced visit after three months, according to the broadcaster. 


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