Breda assassination suspect arrested in undercover operation

A 35-year-old man from Sint Willebrord was arrested for the second time last month for involvement in the assassination of Peter van der Linde in Breda last year. Suspect David J. was arrested in an undercover operation, sources confirmed to ANP.

While abroad, J. told undercover police officers things about the murder that resulted in his arrest, according to the news wire. What he said, is not clear. The Public Prosecutor refused to comment.

Last week J.'s pre-trail detention was extended until his first public hearing in June.

Peter van der Linde from Breda was shot and killed at cafe 't Hoekse in Breda in January 2017. He was known in the criminal world and was a friend of Klaas Otto, founder of motorcycle gang No Surrender, according to ANP. Otto made a statement about the murder in April. What he said has not been revealed.

J. was arrested for the first time in this case in September last year, according to newspaper AD. The police believe he was the getaway driver in Van der Linde's murder. He was released a few weeks later due to lack of evidence. On April 22nd the Public Prosecutor announced that he was arrested again, based on "new facts and circumstances". 

Another suspect who was arrested last year and released a short time later, 42-year-old Piet S. from Etten-Leur, was also arrested again last month. According to AD, the Prosecutor believes he paid hush money to the suspected gunman in this assassination - 44-year-old Corne R. from Sprundel.