Short baggage handler strikes at Schiphol today

Baggage belts at Schiphol
Baggage belts at Schiphol. (Photo: kevingessner / Wikimedia Commons )

Employees of baggage- and freight handlers Aviapartner, Menzies Aviation and Swissport will hold multiple short strikes throughout Thursday at Schiphol. While the strikes will be short, they may result in delays, AD reports.

Te baggage handlers are striking because of high workloads and lagging wage development. According to trade union FNV, this is the third time that workers are forced to action in the collective bargaining. The individual negotiations with the three companies broke down on wages, workload and rosters. On Friday employees of the companies also held strikes, and the week before they held a go slow action in which they performed every instruction slowly and to the letter. 

The union announced that each strike on Thursday will last for one hour at most. They will be spread out throughout the day.