Escaped kangaroo caught after night out in Roosendaal

A tame kangaroo escaped from his enclosure in Roosendaal on Sunday. After spending a night out on the town, the animal was caught on Lisztlaan on Monday morning and is now back home. He was found in someone's garden, veterinarian Jerry Kreike of local animal hospital Visdonk said to newspaper AD.

The police already called in Kreike's help, to sedate the kangaroo, on Sunday night. But it was dark and pouring with rain, making shooting the animal with an anesthetic gun impossible.

"People think that an animal immediately falls over when you sedate it, because that's how it goes in the movies, but in reality it takes 15 minutes before it falls asleep. In those minutes the animal can flee to a place and fall asleep there and become hypothermic." Kreike said to the newspaper. 

Another problem is that the dart may miss and end up somewhere, where it can pose a danger for the person who finds it.

On Monday morning residents of Lisztlaan called the police after finding the kangaroo in their garden. Kreike was again called in. He sedated the animal and it was moved back to its home.