Amsterdam exam stunt devolves into throwing rocks, fireworks

Police lights (Photo: Politie). (Police lights (Photo: Politie))

An exam stunt at an Amsterdam secondary school devolved into at least a hundred pupils throwing fireworks, stones and eggs at passersby. One person was arrested for possession of a fake weapon, the police confirmed to RTL Nieuws.

This happened at CSB Buitenveldert on Thursday. The police responded to the school around 11:50 a.m. and quickly restored calm. No one was injured. The police spokesperson could not tell RTL whether there was any damage. 

The out-of-hand exam stunt startled local residents. "We heard bangs and screaming", one said to the broadcaster. "We initially thought the worst. The fireworks sounded like bombs. Teachers screamed through loudspeakers to keep the students in check. In vain. The police are now in front of supermarket Jumbo. There was a frightened pupil at our door. Very frightening."