Beware of pickpockets on King's Day, Amsterdam police warns

Beware of Pickpockets (Photo: Paris 16/Wikimedia Commons)Beware of Pickpockets (Photo: Paris 16/Wikimedia Commons)

King's Day celebrations don't only attract thousands of party goers to Amsterdam, but also pickpockets, the Amsterdam police warns. Stay aware of your surroundings and where your personal belongings are.

"Pickpockets often make use of crowds and festivities in the city to work as unobtrusively as possible", the police said. "Yet they also sometimes opt for a different method: distraction."

In a video released on Wednesday, the police show footage of a pickpocket distracting a victim by showing him a football trick, and stealing his possessions while he was at it. 

"It is important that people are aware of the different methods pickpockets use", the police said. "Do not be distracted by pickpockets and watch your stuff."