Parliament demands emergency debate over key witness brother's assassination

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The police confirmed that the man assassinated on TT. Melissaweg in Amsterdam on Thursday morning is Reduan Bakkali, brother of Nabil Bakkali who is a key witness in a case surrounding multiple assassinations. This revelation prompted demands for an emergency parliamentary debate, AT5 reports.

A spokesperson for CDA parliamentarian Madeleine van Toorenburg confirmed that the party asked for an already planned debate on assassinations in the criminal underworld to be moved forward. "This is very worrying now", the spokesperson said. "It must urgently be discussed." One topic that will be discussed in the debate is whether Bakkali's family should have been better protected.

By 1:50 p.m. on Thursday the Ministry of Justice and Security had not yet responded to this case.

According to Het Parool, this assassination happened less than a week after the judiciary announced that Nabil Bakkali turned witness. Bakkali accused gang leaders Ridouan T. and Said R. of involvement in a number of assassinations. There's been speculations in the underworld that Bakkali's family members would be murdered since Friday, the newspaper reports.