Amstelveen alderman resigns over sexual messages with teen girl

PvdA alderman Jeroen Brandes of Amstelveen resigned on Friday after it was revealed that he sent sexual messages to a 16-year-old girl, Amstelveen mayor Bas Eenhoorn said in a letter sent to the town council on Tuesday, Het Parool reports.

Brandes, 48, resigned due to "compelling personal reasons" on Friday - just two days after being re-elected to the Amstelveen town council. Now the letter from mayor Eenhoorn reveals that it was because of messages Brandes sent to a now adult young woman who was 16 at the time. 

Insiders from the Amstelveen council told Het Parool that during his time as alderman, Brandes went too far in personal chat conversations with the girl, including trying to talk her into intimate contacts. 

The young woman went to Eenhoorn last week to tell him about the chats with Brandes. The mayor and former alderman decided together that he could not stay on. 

"In itself, to speak with the lawyer of former alderman Brandes, such contact with a 16-year-old girl is not illegal", the mayor wrote, cording to the newspaper. "But it is in no way acceptable, to say it gently, and certainly not for someone who works in a public function." 

"Border crossing behavior can never be accepted in public administration", the Eenhoorn wrote. "We sympathize with the young woman, who is the victim of the alderman's unacceptable behavior."

The municipality of Amstelveen is checking whether there are more integrity problems surrounding Brandes, who was responsible for youth affairs and youth care as alderman, following complaints from both inside and outside the municipal organization.