Christian party retracts divorce video after furious reactions

The SGP faction in Dantumadiel, Friesland removed a campaign video posted on its Facebook page on Saturday after facing fierce criticism. In the video, faction leader Tom Bakker talked about the consequences of divorce and said that "there is almost always something wrong" with children from broken families, AD reports.

"Terrible all those divorces, what misery comes from that. Psychological problems, absenteeism, unemployment, financial problems, not to mention parenting problems. Children from broken families, there is almost always something wrong", Baker said in the video. The video was removed from the party's Facebook page, but can still be found elsewhere on the social media site. 

The reactions to the video were far from positive. Viewers called it a disgrace and said that Bakker should be deeply ashamed, according to the newspaper. Maybe if he spoke to some children from a separated family, he could "open his eyes", one response read. There were also various comments from parents saying that their children turned out very well, despite a divorce.

Bakker, himself a father of seven children, acknowledged to AD that the video was removed, but would not comment further. "There was a lot of commotion yesterday, but I want to discuss things before I speak to the press", he said.