European Parliament approves EMA move to Amsterdam

Spark building in Sloterdijk in Amsterdam
Spark building in Sloterdijk in Amsterdam. (Photo: Gemeente Amsterdam)

European Parliament approved the, on the condition that the authorities report on the progress of the construction of the new EMA office on Zuidas every quarter, ANP reports.

The EMA is moving out of London due to the Brexit. Italian politicians are still , according to the news wire. A case is ongoing at the European Court of Justice. Italy wants the court to annul the move to Amsterdam because of the procedure followed - . But now that European parliament also approved the move to Amsterdam, it is unlikely that the Court will reverse it. 

CDA European parliamentarian Annie Schreijer-Pierik warned that "the Italians will come into action again if construction [of the new office] is delayed. The builders can absolutely not go on holiday in the summer." VVD parliamentarian Jan Huitema believes that "the Netherlands has shown how well it is able to house the EMA. Amsterdam is not the staff's preference for nothing". 

A delegation from the European Parliament vThe guarantees given that the EMA will be able to continue its work as usual on March 30th, 2019 - the day after the Brexit - reassured the delegation.