Over €340 mil. pushed into addressing staff shortages in healthcare

The Dutch government is pushing 347 million euros into reducing staff shortages in healthcare. This money will go to training, work- and intern positions, and regional action plans, among other things, Minister Hugo de Jonge of Public Health, Welfare and Sports announced on Wednesday, ANP reports.

Benefits agency UWV recently warned that staff shortages in the healthcare sector can run up to over 100 thousand people in the coming years. The government wants to reduce this to as close to zero as possible by 2022.

The Ministry wants to make as many people as possible enthusiastic about getting a job in healthcare. This is not only aimed at pupils and students, but also people who already have another job, or who previously worked in healthcare. A national campaign will be launched for this. The Minister also wants to ensure people interested in an internship in healthcare, are guaranteed a space. 

In order to address existing problems in healthcare, the Ministry will also work on 28 regional plans, focused on the specific problems the different regions face.

This plan stands separate of plans to tackle problems in nursing homes, which the government previously allocated 2.1 billion euros for.