Suitsupply poster vandalism shows LGBT emancipation still has long way to go, interest groups

Suitsupply's 'Find Your Perfect Fit' ad campaign
Suitsupply's 'Find Your Perfect Fit' ad campaignPhoto: @suitsupply / Twitter

The fact that clothing brand Suitsupply's new ad posters showing two men being affectionate are being vandalized across the Netherlands, shows that LGBT emancipation still has a long way to go, according to LGTB organizations COC and Pride Amsterdam. 

The Suitsupply posters were placed on billboards and at bus shelters in around 5 thousand places across the Netherlands. Dozens of them were smashed, spray painted or covered in tape. Suitsupply also lost thousands of followers when this campaign - with the motto 'find your perfect fit' - was launched on social media, and the company is receiving hundreds of hateful emails. 

This destruction shows that "the acceptance [of LGBT people] leaves something to be desired", Tanje Ineke, chairman of COC Nederland said to

Pride Amsterdam agrees. "We sometimes get the question why it is still necessary to organize a Pride parade. Here's the answer..." the organization said on Facebook, with photos of the destroyed posters. 

Wij krijgen af en toe de vraag waarom het nog nodig is dat er een Pride wordt georganiseerd. Hier het antwoord... 🌈 Suitsupply

Geplaatst door Pride Amsterdam op Woensdag 7 maart 2018

PvdA councilor in Amsterdam Dennis Boutkan sarcastically expressed similar sentiments on Twitter. "It's going really great with the acceptance of gays in the Netherlands", he wrote, also with photos of the vandalized posters. He added the hashtag #loveislove

Comedian Claudia de Breij expressed support for the campaign on Twitter: "Hi Suitsupply! I think your new poster campaign is beautiful. It is of course also commerce. For your turnover, the noise of small souls that cover the kissing men's heads is not bad., but I think it's great that you have chosen this. Kudos!"

Among the negative reactions, Suitsupply is also being flooded with positive reactions to their campaign on social media. "So beautifully designed this campaign from Suitsupply. Those who find this difficult probably are blocked by intimidation and afraid to be honest. I feel pity for them to not be allowed to think freely", one Twitter user wrote.