Prosecutor wants kidnapped girl's father back on Interpol wanted list

Interpol withdrew an international arrest warrant against Shehzad Hemani, who had his daughter Insiya kidnapped from Amsterdam in September 2016. The Public Prosecutor does not accept this and will keep trying to have Hemani arrested, NOS reports.

Insiya was kidnapped from her grandmother's home in September 2016 and taken to Mumbai in India. The now almost 4-year-old girl is still in India with her father. Several civil proceedings are underway to get her back, though a Dutch court recently ruled that the matter will have to be handled by an Indian court. 

The arrest warrant was withdrawn because Interpol considers this a "private matter" of parental authority. But Interpol was not aware that Insiya was violently abducted, a spokesperson for the Public Prosecutor said to NOS. Further steps will be taken to get Hemani arrested, she said, but wouldn't say what steps.

Hemani and four other suspects are charged with unlawful deprivation of liberty, abduction, and removing a child from parental authority. The Prosecutor hopes to have Hemani arrested so that he can stand trial in the fall.