This year's first ice skating marathon in Haaksbergen tomorrow

This year's first ice skating marathon on natural ice will be held in Haaksbergen on Wednesday evening. Willem Hut of the skaters union KNSB approved the ice rink in the Overijssel town on Tuesday, Het Parool reports.

The ice rink of skating club IJSCH from Haaksbergen has the required thickness of at least 3 centimeters in all places. The Haaksbergen club competes almost every winter in the battle to host the fist marathon on natural ice. This is the sixth time Haaksbergen wins since 2000. 

Arnhem came in a close second place this year. The ice rink jointly created by skating associations STG RijnIJssel and Thialf was largely in order, but Hut found the quality of the ice in Haaksbergen better. Arnhem will organized the second marathon on Thursday. 

The last skating marathon on natural ice in the Netherlands took place in Noordlaren last year on January 18th.