Missing man found murdered in Zwolle home

Forensic investigators at the scene of a murder
Forensic investigators at the scene of a murderPhoto: Politie

A body was found in a home on Van Zuijlenware in Zwolle on Saturday while the police searched the home as part of a missing person investigation. The police have not confirmed the identity of the victim. But the victim's family told De Stentor that it is indeed the 38-year-old man that went missing in Zwolle on February 7th. 

On Saturday the police announced that a 40-year-old man from Zwolle was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the disappearance of the 38-year-old man. The police were notified about the man's disappearance on February 14th. He hadn't been seen or heard from since February 7th. Also in that statement, the police said that a forensic investigation was launched in a home on Van Zuijlenware in connection with this missing person case. 

On Sunday morning, the police released another statement saying that a body was found in the home and that investigators believe the victim was killed in a crime. The body was moved to another location for further forensic investigation. "In that investigation, both the cause of death and the determination of identity will be of great importance. Whether the body found is also the 38-year-old man, can not yet be said", the police said. A forensic investigation is also still ongoing in the home. 

The 40-year-old suspect is still in custody.