Eagle missing from Dutch safari park after fight with seagulls

Beekse Bergen's bald eagle Lady Maya
Beekse Bergen's bald eagle Lady Maya. (Photo: Beekse Bergen / Facebook )

Safari park Beekse Bergen is desperately looking for their American bald eagle Lady Maya. The bird of prey flew away after getting into a fight with seagulls and has been missing for four days.

On Facebook the park calls on the public to keep an eye out for the eagle, and let them know if she is seen.

"Lady Maya has been living in our park for 27 years and has become an icon of the educational raptor safari. We would like to find her again soon so that she can quickly return to her familiar environment", the park writes. "Our bird keepers are now searching for Maya in a very wide circle around Beekse Bergen. We call on the help of our loyal Facebook followers to keep an eye out for this impressive bird."

The last telemetry signal picked up from Lady Maya was in the vicinity of Udenhout and Loonse and Drunense dunes, but that does not necessarily mean she's still there. "Do not approach Maya! She's a tough lady, but she can also take fright and fly away", the park warns.