Motorcycle gang member running for city council seat with anti-Islam party

Jan Wekema, a candidate city councilor for anti-Islam party PVV in the Groningen municipality of Pekela, is also a 'prospect' or aspiring member of outlaw motorcycle gang Black Sheep MC, the Telegraaf reports based on information from three different sources.

MC Black Sheep is classified as an 'outlaw motorcycle club' in police report Outlaw Bikers Nederland. The club has five chapters and around 60 members, mainly in northern Netherlands. The police and Public Prosecutor don't rank the club with main players like Hells Angels, Satudarah, Bandidos and No Surrender, but MC Black Sheep is known to have contact and sympathize with the larger outlaw motorcycle clubs.

According to the newspaper, Ton van Kesteren - PVV faction leader in the Provincial Council and senator in the Eerste Kamer - knows about Wekema's membership in MC Black Sheep. At a meeting on November 11th last year, the two of them discussed it and it was agreed that Wekema would no longer wear the club colors, but can remain a member and still be on the PVV candidate list in Pekela, the Telegraaf writes.

When asked about Wekema being a member of MC Black Sheep, Van Kesteren told the Telegraaf: "That is possible". He added: "One is a member of a dart club, the other of a swimming club, and yet another of a motorcycle club." Van Kesteren has known Wekema for a long time. "He is a motorcycle enthusiast and organizes motorcycle rides for handicapped children. I am confident that he is completely reliable and will therefore also be a very good municipal councilor."

Wekema dismissed the story as a "fabrication" and referred the newspaper to the party leaders.

Mayor Jaap Kuin of Pekela called it a "difficult issue" in his municipality when the Telegraaf confronted him with the information. "Because membership of this motorcycle club is not forbidden", he said. He will discuss this with the police and Public Prosecutor. "If necessary, I will contact the PVV list coordinator, or Wekema himself."