Stricter drug controls on French ski slopes specifically aimed at Dutch, Spaniards: report

The French authorities are implementing stricter measures on drug use in skiing areas, focusing especially on Dutch and Spanish tourists. Most of the narcotics seized on the French ski slopes come from Netherlands and Spain, according to France's customs, NOS reports.

In the ski year 2015-2016, nearly 500 kilograms of weed, cocaine, and ecstasy, among others, were confiscated in the French Alps. Skiing is increasingly becoming a party holiday for many young people, according to the broadcaster. French media already refers to people using cocaine on the slopes as 'snow sniffers'. 

People caught using or selling drugs in France can face a hefty fine that must be paid immediately, or up to a year in prison. The police are distributing flyers in various ski areas, to warn tourists that drug use can land them in prison. In the popular ski destination Tignes, the police are checking people for drugs every day of the week. Albertville announced over the weekend that people caught using or selling drugs will be placed in front of a judge immediately where possible, according to the broadcaster.

The Tignes police are also handing out special ID booklets to young tourists, in which they must write their name and where they are staying. So that if the police find them disorientated on the street, they can take them home.