Another earthquake in Groningen

An earthquake was felt in Groningen on Thursday afternoon. According to meteorological institute KNMI, the quake had a magnitude of 2.0 and it's epicenter was near Loppersum at a depth of 3 kilometers. 

The quake happened around 4:30 p.m., according to broadcaster NOS. Dozens of people from Loppersum, Zeerijp and Garrelsweer reported feeling it. The KNMI called it an 'induced' earthquake, which means that it was caused by gas extraction.

It's the 12th seismic event to register on the Richter Scale in the Netherlands this year, and the strongest since the magnitude 3.4 earthquake hit Zeerijp on January 8. All but one of the 12 were due to gas extraction in the region, according to the KNMI.

Last week Dutch petroleum company NAM stopped production at the Loppersum gas fields. This happened based on urgent advice from the state supervision of mines SoDM after the earthquake in Zeerijp early last month, the strongest earthquake in the region in five years.