Fire and Fury: Trump biographer to speak in Amsterdam next month

Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff
Fire and Fury by Michael WolffPhoto: @mariac / Twitter

Michael Wolff, the author of the much discussed book about American president Donald Trump titled Fire and Fury, will be speaking in Amsterdam next month. He will be a guest on this year's College Tour, broadcaster NTR announced. 

Fire and Fury, published earlier this month, turned the White House on its heads with a series of revelations about Trump. Among other things, Wolff writes in the book that Trump did not want to be president and nobody on the campaign team expected him to win, and that he eats McDonalds because he is scared about being poisoned. The book also states that former White House Chief Strategist Steve Banon considers a meeting Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner had with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya as "treasonous".

Wolff spoke to numerous White House employees for the book, and also says he spoke to Trump himself. But the United States president later denied this. Trump expressed his displeasure about the book on Twitter. "Michael Wolff is a total loser who made up stories in order to sell this really boring and untruthful book", he tweeted.

Fire and Fury became the number one best seller in print, e-book, audiobook, on Amazon and on the Apple iBooks store after excerpts from the book was released on January 3rd. It was recently also announced that a television series will be made about the revelations in the book.

Michael Wolff will visit the Netherlands for one day on February 22nd, during which he will give an exclusive television interview to College Tour, NTR announced. The interview will be recorded in the Carré theater in Amsterdam. Students will be given priority on tickets, but the public is also welcome to attend as long as tickets last. Tickets are free of charge, and were still available as of 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday.