Alpaca found wandering through Haarlem's city center

Alpaca found in Haarlem, Noord-Haarlem by Dutch police
An alpaca rescued by Dutch police in the Haarlem Oude Stad. January 3, 2018.. (photo: Dutch mounted police / Instagram)

A stray alpaca was picked up by police working in the historic center of Haarlem late Tuesday night. The animal was captured before a severe wind storm hit the Netherlands, and it was determined to be in good condition.

"This sweet Alpaca was found last night in the center of Haarlem. Who can give us information about where this animal belongs?" police said on Twitter.

The animal was found in the Oude Stad district north of the famous Grote Markt. It was scheduled to be taken to an animal welfare center on Wednesday afternoon.

There is a possibility the alpaca did not wander off, but was instead abandoned.

"Alpacas are currently hip; the hype around walking with the animals, for example, is also high," alpaca farmer Kevin Hamstra said in a conversation with AD. "Anyone can buy one, but not everyone has the capabilities to take care of one."

The llama-like creature could be around a year old, he speculated.