Utrecht student association's subsidies halted over hazing incidents

University of Utrecht
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The HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Utrecht University decided to suspend their contributions to female student association UVSV in response to a number of incidents during hazing, NU.nl reports.

These incidents were revealed by television program Rambam, who sent five students to film the hazing rituals of a number of student associations. At UVSV videos show someone being fed with a spoon, an aspiring member saying that her asthma medication was taken away, and another girl saying that she was spat on. The videos were shown to the UU rector and the Utrecht hazing advisory committee AIU.

The AIU chairman examined the footage and advised the two universities to give the UVSV opportunity to investigate these incidents itself. The schools accepted this advice, and halted its subsidies to the student association until the investigation is complete. "The footage is not sufficient to conclusively determine the facts of the issue in all cases", rector Bert van der Zwaan said, according to the newspaper. "But the footage does give an unpleasant picture of the introduction."

In 2003 Utrecht implemented a code of conduct for social clubs, which is regularly updated. This code is signed each year with the rector of Utrecht University and the chairman of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. The plans for the hazing period are also checked by the AIU in advance. "With this they indicate that they understand their responsibility and want to take it, with which the health, personal integrity, and hygiene of prospective members are guaranteed at all times", Van der Zwaan said. 

Rambam also found that Rotterdam corps RSC/RVSV does not always respect their code of conduct. In one case someone had to go to the hospital with an head wound. This episode of Rambam will be broadcast in January .