Politician admits mistake in throwing away gift from Iranian ambassador

Henk_Krol Sebastiaan ter Burg Wikimedia commons

50Plus leader Henk Krol admitted that he made a mistake when he threw away a Christmas gift from the Iranian ambassador during a broadcast of PowNews, but he does not intend to offer his apologies to the embassy, NOS report.

"I've said sorry so often in my life, this can be added to that", Krol said to the broadcaster. He told PowNews that the ambassador only sent gifts to male parliamentarians. But he was mistaken - gifts were sent only to the party leaders and the foreign spokespersons, both male and female. "Iran does not have the best tradition when it comes to women's rights, gay rights and human rights at all", he said to NOS.

The matter led to anger in Iran's parliament.

Despite the uproar caused, Krol does not regret his action. "When I see that it has even become a discussion in the Iranian parliament, then I think: oh, you've struck a very sensitive cord. And if that is the beginning of a discussion that leads to something better, then I am sincerely very happy."


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