Law changes for 2018 so far: Elderly

Beach chairs, Eastern Scheldt, Ouwerkerk, Schouwen-duiveland, Zeeland
Beach chairs looking out on the Eastern Scheldt from along the Nieuwendijk in Ouwerkerk, Schouwen-duiveland, Zeeland. July 2018photo: joophoek / DepositPhotos

With the new year starting, the Dutch government is implementing a number of new laws and changing some existing ones. Below is an explanation of changes to the law applying to elderly people.

Retirement age in the Netherlands increases to 66 years old on January 1. A year ago, those of age 65 and 9 months qualified for social security.

The tax credit for the elderly also rises by 115 euros in 2018 to €1,418.

Provisional income for those aged 50 years and higher (IOAW) who are either unemployed or under-employed is also available. This can reach as high as €1,636.62 per month depending on partnership and living situation.

Self-employed people at least 50 years old can also qualify for a subsidy (IOAZ) if they plan on shutting their business due to insufficient income. Like the IOAW, this reaches a maximum value of €1,636.62 monthly.