Netherlands' Top 2000 songs voting week kicks off

On Friday NPO Radio 2 DJs Gerard Ekdom, Paul Rabbering and Frank van 't Hof officially kicked off the Top 2000 voting week with the residents of Beilen in Drenthe. From today until December 8th, people in the Netherlands can vote for what they think are the 2,000 best songs, reports.

The Top 2000 bus will tour through the Netherlands over the coming week, helping people to vote along the way. Ekdom and Wouter van der Goes will also make programs from the bus. 

Last year a record number of 6.5 million votes were cast n the Top 2000 election. Every year around 10 million people watch or listen to the Top 2000 between Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Last year Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody came in first  place for the 14th time.