New German election "worst case scenario" after coalition talks strand: Dutch Foreign Minister

Coalition talks in Germany between Angela Merkel's CDU, liberal FDP and The Greens reached a deadlock late on Sunday night, tumbling the country into a political crisis. New elections may be held. But according to Minister Halbe Zijlstra of Foreign Affairs, this would be the "worst case scenario", RTL Nieuws reports.

"I think new elections are the worst case scenario. They've only had one round of talks. In the Netherlands it took us over seven months. According to me, they still have five months to go. So I would say: think about it again, maybe start talking again, instead of new elections." the Dutch Minister said to the broadcaster.

The FDP stepped out of the coalition negotiations, according to RTL. The talks collapsed on the theme of migration - The Greens want a more generous policy than the other two parties. The differences between the Greens and the FDP are too great, FDP leader Christian Linder said. 

Prime Minister Mark Rutte was set to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday, but that meeting was cancelled due to Merkel's domestic obligations, the Rijksvoorlichtingdienst announced.