Suspect in Anne Faber murder may have seen ninjas chasing him

Shortly after the disappearance of Anne Faber, suspect Michael P. was spotted running around with a knife in the garden of a forensic psychiatric clinic in Den Dolder where he resided. According to different sources he was disturbed, apparently seeing ninjas and interacting with them, newspaper AD reported.

Michael P., a 27-year-old from Zeewolde, is suspected of the rape and murder of Faber, who was 25. She disappeared on Sep. 29, a Friday evening when she set out on her bike in the area around Utrecht. The circumstances of Faber's death remains unclear. P. resided at the Den Dolder clinic at the time, but was granted limited periods of release.

According to newspaper AD's sources, P. started acting strange right after Anne disappeared. "He would crush Ritalin pills and snort them. He was also doing cocaine. Soon after we saw him running with a knife in the garden, because the ninjas wanted to do something to him," the newspaper reported, citing unnamed sources.

P. was staying in the clinic for a resocialization project. He could leave the clinic as long as he was back before ten. Also it was easy for him to get drugs into the structure, the newspaper claimed.