Leading health insurer to raise prices next year; Others quiet on 2018 rates

Health insurance
The rising cost of health care and insurance, as described by the image's creator.photo: 401(K) 2012 / Flickr

Health insurance firm CZ has announced a monthly premium rate hike of three percent for the price of compulsory basic health insurance package. The rate hike will take effect from January. 

The bump in CZ rates means Netherlands residents will pay 40 euros more for the year, compared to 2017 rates. The provider blames the rise on growing health care costs, saying that the entire increase was not passed on to the consumer, and that the company will have to tap 221 million euros from its own pocket to cover the shortfall.

Premiums of some smaller health insurance companies were already known at the time of the announcement. While DSW surprised with a drop in premium price, and a drop in deductible, other insurers like OHRA and Delta Lloyd are on the rise.

A spokesperson for CZ told RTL that the drop in DSW's deductible charge is little more than a "stunt."

CZ, the third biggest health insurance provider in the Netherlands, is the first major insurer to announce its rates for next year. Other top providers, including Achmea/Zilvern Kruis, Menzis, and VGS will make their rates known by Monday.