Dutch navy intercepts 600 kilos of cocaine on Caribbean

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Dutch navy ship Zr. MS. Zeeland intercepted a drug transport of 600 kilograms of cocaine on the Caribbean ocean on Sunday evening. To stop the traffickers, the ship's helicopter had to shoot out the outside motor of the speedboat the smugglers were using, ANP reports.

Three people were arrested. They've been transferred to the authorities on Curacao.

The Dutch ship was on its way to the Netherlands when the Coast Guard notified it about a suspicious speedboat northeast of Bonaire on Sunday evening. The Zeeland responded. When the ship approached the speedboat, smugglers dumped 12 bales of drugs overboard and tried to flee. The speedboat's engine was shot out, the traffickers were arrested and the drugs were collected.

The Zeeland is now on its way back to its home port in Den Helder.