New Dutch gov't starts to take form: PM Rutte to have three Deputy Prime Ministers

As the time for the Rutte III government to take office approaches, the names of more and more Ministers are leaking out. Prime Minister Mark Rutte (VVD) will have three Deputy Prime Ministers, one from each of the other coalition partners. They will be Kasja Ollongren (D66), Carola Schouten (ChristenUnie) and Hugo de Jonge (CDA), newspaper AD reports.

Ollongren is currently deputy mayor in Amsterdam. She took over Mayor Eberhard van der Laan's duties after he stepped down on September 18th due to his lung cancer. Ollongren's departure to The Hague means that Commissioner of the King Johan Remkes will have to find someone else to be interim mayor of Amsterdam following Van der Laan's death. In addition to Deputy Prime Minister, Ollongren will be Minister of Home Affairs, according to the newspaper.

Hugo de Jonge is currently an alderman in Rotterdam. According to NRC, his appointment as Deputy Prime Minister is somewhat of a surprise. In the past he worked as political assistant to CDA Ministers, but he only has ruling experience in Rotterdam. In addition to Deputy Prime Minister, De Jonge will be one of the two Public Health Ministers. According to NRC, he will be responsible for elderly care. 

Schouten is currently a parliamentarian for the ChristenUnie, and was also one of the negotiators during the government formation talks. In the Tweede Kamer she worked on financial-economical issues, European affairs, social affairs, employment and pensions, higher education, and housing, according to Omroep Brabant. In addition to Deputy Prime Minister, Schouten will be Minister of Agriculture, sources told The Telegraaf. According to the newspaper, the ChristenUnie wanted one Ministry that is completely under the party's control with its own budget. The number of Ministries is increased from 11 to 12.

Sander Dekker (VVD), currently State Secretary of Education, will be one of two Ministers of Security and Justice, according to the Telegraaf. Ferdinand Grapperhaus (CDA) will be the other one. Ank Bijleveld (CDA) will be Minister of Defense. Wouter Koolmees (D66) is expected to be named Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, according to RTL Nieuws. 

Earlier this week it was reported that Halbe Zijlstra (VVD) will be the new Minister of Foreign Affairs. And Eric Wiebes (VVD) will be the new Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate.