Half of Dutch municipalities do nothing to prevent radicalization: Justice Inspectorate

In half of the municipalities in the Netherlands, nothing is being done to prevent radicalization and jihadism, according to a study by the Security and Justice Inspectorate. Small and medium-sized municipalities in particular ignore this task, RTL Nieuws reports.

The Inspectorate calls this worrying and unwise. The government gave municipalities an important role in tackling radicalization. But municipalities think that radicalization doesn't happen in their city or town, and therefore feel no need to push money into information programs or in training special officials. The Inspectorate worries that municipalities are unaware of problems, especially because radicalization is often difficult to recognize.

The association of Dutch municipalities VNG acknowledged that small municipalities often have problems in dealing with radicalization and promised to intervene, according to the broadcaster. The VNG emphasized that radicalization can happen anywhere in the Netherlands and it is therefore important that all municipalities know how to deal with it and are prepared to do so, even if there are no concrete indications of problems.