Police show up at wrong party after noise complaints

Police. (Politie)

The Nijmegen police had to make apologies after a noise complaint ended in officers telling off the wrong group of partiers, NOS reports.

The police received multiple complaints about loud music around the Waal on Saturday night. Officers were deployed to a party at Waalhalla, next to the Waal. They measured the noise level, and the music was not too loud. The party also had a permit, so the officers told attendees to keep it down and returned to the station.

As more and more noise complaints came in, the police returned to the party. A short time later, they realized that an illegal party was going on on the other side of the Waal, under the Oversteek bridge. 

"As the party guests did not want to cooperate in ending the party, we pulled the plug", the police said. The partiers were not fined. "Our capacity at night is limited. Our actions were therefore primarily aimed at stopping the noise and ending the illegal party as soon as possible."