First footage from eye of Hurricane Irma shows devastation on Sint Maarten

Hurricane Irma causes destruction on Sint Maarten, 6 Sept 2017
Hurricane Irma causes destruction on Sint Maarten, 6 Sept 2017Photo: @zeliard91 / Twitter

Photos and videos posted on social media as they eye of Hurricane Irma passed over Sint Maarten show that the hurricane already did massive amounts of damage on the island. Despite the fact that the island is still on lockdown, and no one is allowed outside, the effects of the hurricane are becoming increasingly visible. 

Radio stations on the island went down one after the other, but Tropixx 105.5 FM managed to stay on the air for some time, according to Messages sent to the radio station by local residents spoke of destruction caused by the strong winds. Blown off roofs, fallen electricity poles and trees and even a few small fires. 

Security camera videos popping up on social media show destroyed boats, piles of junk on the streets and flooded roads. 

Once the eye of the hurricane passes over Sint Maarten, the island will again face winds up to 295 kilometers per hour.