Fipronil contaminated eggs found in 45 countries

The fipronil contaminated egg scandal is spreading to more and more countries. Since it was discovered that the toxic pesticide was used illegally in the Netherlands and Belgium a few months ago, 45 countries found fipronil in their eggs and egg products, the Telegraaf reports.

Of the 28 EU member states, 26 reported finding fipronil in their eggs and egg products, European Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis of Health and Food Safety said on Tuesday. Only Lithuania and Croatia haven't reported finding the pesticide.

The pesticide was also found in products in other countries like the United States, Russia, South Africa, the Dutch Antilles, Turkey, Iraq, Norway, Israel and Canada.

The EU Agriculture Ministers will be discussing the fipronil scandal on Tuesday in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia which is the current EU president, according to the newspaper.