Boy suspected in teen girl's death charged with murder

Savannah Dekker, missing in Bunschoten since 1 Jun 2017
Savannah Dekker, missing in Bunschoten since 1 Jun 2017. (Photo: Monique Dekker-Beekhuis / Facebook)

The 16-year-old boy in custody for the death of 14-year-old from Bunschoten, is being charged with murder, the Public Prosecutor announced. The boy was previously charged with manslaughter, reports.

The Public Prosecutor changed the charge in the run-up to the boy's first court hearing on September 8th. The change indicates that the Prosecutor believes the boy killed Savannah with a premeditated plan. According to the Prosecutor, the charge was intensified based on an investigation into the suspect's internet traffic. 

The teenager will be tried under juvenile justice, but the juvenile court may decide to try him under criminal law for adults. The trial will be held behind closed doors, as the suspect is underage.

Savannah's in a watery ditch on an industrial estate in Bunschoten on June 4th, a few days after she from her Bunschoten home. The suspect was and is still in custody.