Claim organization to help farmers hit in poison egg scandal

Claim organization Massaclaim is intervening in the so-called fipronil crisis. The organization launched a website where affected poultry farmers can register for support in dealing with the problems resulting from millions of eggs being recalled from supermarkets because they contain too high quantities of toxic insecticide fipronil. Massaclaim's main goal is to prevent further bankruptcies in the sector, according to the organization, AD reports. 

Through the website, the organization will help farmers write so-called continuity statements to apply for deferral of tax liabilities. Massaclaim is also talking with government agencies about providing emergency credits or guarantees, as well as compensation. 

The fipronil crisis revolves around Barneveld pest control company ChickFriend treating the chicken stables of over 200 Dutch poultry farms with fipronil against blood lice. The World Health Organization considers fipronil to be moderately toxic to humans. In large quantities it can cause liver, kidney and thyroid gland damage. Fipronil in itself is not a banned substance, but it is banned from being used near chickens.

As a result of the ChickFriend treatment, millions of eggs came to be contaminated with too high quantities of fipronil and had to be recalled and destroyed. The direct damage to the poultry farmers involved in the fipronil crisis is currently estimated to be around 33 million euros. This amount only covers the eggs and chickens that had to be destroyed due to contamination, according to The amount of damage for entire sector is not yet clear. A total of 258 poultry companies currently can not sell any chicken or eggs.