Aggressive man arrested after hours barricaded in stranger's shed

A SWAT team arrested an aggressive man in Breda on Sunday night after he spent hours barricaded in a stranger's shed on Pijnboomstraat, AD reports.

The man forced himself into the people's home around 7:30 p.m. The residents, who do not know the man, called the police. The man locked himself into the residents' shed and threatened to hurt himself with a screwdriver.

A SWAT team was deployed. The team parked on the nearby Ahornstraat, where they prepared to force their way into the shed. A police van was parked on Pijnboomstraat, ready to transport the man to the police station.

Just before 10:00 p.m. the SWAT team brought the handcuffed man out of the home. He was very aggressive and resisted vehemently, according to AD. The man was loaded into the van and placed on the floor, where several police officers had to sit on him to keep him under control.

Why the man forced himself into the strangers' home, is not yet clear.