Hang glider makes "perfect" jump from Utrecht apartment building

Hang glider Arne Tanzer made a "perfect" jump from De Johanna student apartment building on Bisschopssteeg in Utrecht at 7:00 a.m. on Monday morning. "It was fantastic, I reached higher than I expected. I even made two turns. Eventually I was in the air for more than 40 seconds", Tanzer said to NOS Radio 1 Journaal after his jump.

Tanzer initially planned to make the jump on Friday, but the weather didn't play along. This morning's weather was perfect. "We used smoke pots, so we could see exactly where the wind came from. When it came from straight ahead, I started the run and I flew quite quickly. When the wind comes from the front, the glider flies faster", he said to NOS. 

Due to the ideal conditions, he landed safely and without trouble on a nearby field. "The landing was excellent, right in the middle of the field." Tanzer said to RTV Utrecht.

According to him, Tanzer is the first hang glider in Europe to start from a building. He did this, after getting all the necessary permits, to promote hang gliding as a sport. "There were a lot of people and there were many camera teams, so this is a great way to promote the sport", he said to NOS.