Appeals court acquits Hague father of shaking baby to death

Lady Justice (Picture: Twitter/@danvelton). (Lady Justice (Picture: Twitter/@danvelton))

The court in The Hague acquitted 49-year-old Brian H. of shaking his 5-week-old son Jayden to death in 2012 on appeal on Friday. The Public Prosecutor demanded 3 years in prison against him for manslaughter, reports. 

The man from The Hague was also acquitted when he first stood trial last year, due to lack of evidence. The Public Prosecutor appealed.

Jayden died in hospital on January 22nd, 2012. He was rushed to the hospital the day before because he went limp and stopped breathing. He was found to have injuries to his brain and skull. The Prosecutor believes these injuries were caused by H. shaking the child. H. had fed his son, changed his diaper and dressed him shortly before he was rushed to hospital.

H. always denied that he abused his child. Jayden's mother, who is still married to H. and now has a second son with him, also believes that H. did not kill Jayden.

The Public Prosecutor can appeal against this ruling. He has two weeks to go into cassation.