Suspected jihadist released from custody with ankle monitor

Suspected jihadist Lieke S. can await her trial in freedom, as long as she keeps to a number of conditions, the court ruled on Thursday. The 34-year-old woman has been in prison since she was arrested while trying to enter Syria last year, AD reports.

Conditions include that S. must wear an ankle monitor, so that the authorities can check that she stays in the Netherlands. She will live at a secret address until October 19th. And she will receive guidance from an Islamic theologian. The last condition S. called "nice". She said she's been reading about her fait all her life and sees this as a "gift from Allah" that she will be able to deepen her conviction.

S. was examined by the Pieter Baan Center, against her will. According to the Public Prosecutor, no diagnosis could be made. According to her lawyer, Burhan Kaya, no psychological disorders were diagnosed. He argued for S.'s release in June already. But the court first awaited a report from the rehabilitation service. The service did not want to give advice at this stage, but can see no objection to S.'s release. The Prosecutor did not object either.

Lieke S. was arrested at the Bulgarian-Turkish border late last year based on a Dutch arrest warrant.