Suspects in German ATM bombing arrested in Huizen

The police chased two suspects of an ATM bombing down and arrested them in Huizen during the early hours of Monday morning. The ATM bombing happened earlier that night in Emsdetten, Germany - abut 50 kilometers from Enschede, reports.

The suspects are a 27-year-old from Utrecht and a 25-year-old from Zaandam. After the ATM bombing, they fled the scene in an Audi. The police chased the car across the A1 along Amersfoort towards Hilversum. Officers finally managed to force the car off the road in Huizen. The police approached the car with drawn firearms and arrested the two men inside. 

A large number of ATM bombings happened in the area along the border between the Netherlands and Germany over the past months. Suspects are regularly traced back to the so-called Audi gang, which is based in the Netherlands. The members of this gang use stolen, fast cars - like Audis - to commit ATM bombings and ram-raids. 


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