Unexpected setback to increase health insurance premiums

Health insurance

Health insurance will be more expensive in the Netherlands next year due to an unexpected setback, Chris Oomen, CEO of insurer DSW, said to Radio 1 Journaal on Friday morning. Due to a deficit of 400 million euros, premiums will increase by an average of 30 euros per year, ANP reports.

"Income from the health insurance fund fell out lower in 2016. That resulted in a deficit of 400 million euros", Oomen said. "This will have to be compensated for in the premiums. Because our reserves are decreasing because of this and therefore we can not keep our premiums low."

He added that other factors also impact premiums, like inflation and what treatments and medicines form part of the packages. "But that is separate from the unexpected setback."

DSW hopes to be able to announce their new premiums next month. DSW is usually the first insurer to do so.



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