Lawyer arrested for trading drugs, weapons

Police. (Photo: Politie)

Lawyer Bart V. was arrested on Tuesday night. The 43-year-old Dongen man is suspected of trading in firearms and narcotics. The police also arrested two men, aged 70 and 30 years, from Sint Willebrord, ANP reports.

The arrests were made in a long ongoing investigation. Officers searched two business premises in Breda, including V.'s office, two homes in Sint Willebrord and a garage in Roosendaal.

Criminal lawyer V. has been on the bad side of the law before and was suspended several times in the past. Early this year he was arrested in a domestic dispute situation. At the time the police found criminal record files in open cabinets in a home he was renting to another family. For violating professional confidentiality, a disciplinary judge suspended him for 13 weeks last month.