Dutch jihadist films rap music video in Syria

Dutch jihadist Marouane B. made a rap video and sent it to various Dutch news services, including the Telegraaf and Crimesite. According to him, the video was partly filmed in Syria and he is currently in Raqqa. 

The title of the song is "Ik kom ooit terug", or "I'll come back someday" in English. In the song he tells his mother not to worry, he'll be back in the Netherlands someday. He also apologizes for the poor quality of the recording and refers to the trial that awaits him when he returns to the Netherlands.

B.'s lawyer Barbara Klunder confirmed to newspaper AD that the video was indeed made by her client.

Marouane B. is a 22-year-old man from Arnhem. He is suspected by the Public Prosecutor of participating in a terrorist organization and preparing for terrorist crimes. The Prosecutor also believes that B. participated in beheadings. A trial against him and 9 other suspected Dutch rebel fighters in the Syrian Civil war was recently postponed by the court in Rotterdam. The court decided to postpone the trial to give the suspects a chance to attend it. All of them are believed to be in Syria or Iraq. 

B. recently also sent an open letter to Dutch media in which he states that he hopes to defend himself in a fair trial in the Netherlands. He also said that he went to Syria to "help children, women and men who are being terrorized by the tyrant Assad".