Wilders using racial hatred to deny Arnhem its own leadership choice: Mayoral nominee

The PVV is demonstrating in Arnhem on Wednesday afternoon against the city's decision to appoint Ahmed Marcouch as mayor. Marcouch is not surprised by the opposition from the PVV, but does regret the fact that PVV leader Geert Wilders is using racial hatred to deny Arnhem its choice in leader, he said to newspaper AD.

"I think it's a bit weird and strange that he is denying Arnhem's city council the right to make its own choice." Marcouch said. He also sees Wilders comments that he is a "PVV hating Moroccan" as an attempt to "shame" him. Marcouch emphasized that he wants to be a mayor for "all Arnhemmers". "Regardless of their origin or political conviction."

Marcouch is happy to live in a country where people can be themselves. "In which Muslims can walk with a headscarf without being discriminated against, and in which homosexuals can walk across te street hand in hand. That freedom is typical of our country. And I will fight for it."