Dutch journalist released after arrest at Istanbul pride parade

Dutch journalist Bram Janssen was released from custody several hours after being arrested in Istanbul on Sunday. The photo journalist for news wire AP was arrested while taking pictures at a pride parade through the Turkish capital, according to RTL correspondent Olaf Koens.

Koens also confirmed that Janssen was released. "I got a message from Bram: 'Yes, I am free. I was treated well', he wrote. So it ended with a sizzle." Janssen filmed police action against the people in the pride parade. He has a Turkish press card, so was allowed to do so, according to the broadcaster.

The Istanbul pride parade happened for the first time in 2003. It was banned in 2015 and has been since. According to the Turkish authorities, this is due to safety considerations, among other things.

Despite the ban, a multitude of people took to the streets in the center of Istanbul on Sunday. The Turkish police  used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse them. According to the parade's organizers, around 20 people were arrested.