Amsterdam Airbnb listings still on the rise

The number of Amsterdam homes being rented out on Airbnb is still growing significantly, BNR reports based on figures from Inside Airbnb from July 2016 and April 2017. BNR teamed up with map specialist Esri to create a map showing the numbers of Airbnb listings per neighborhood, for 2016 and 2017.

Remarkably, most of the Airbnb growth happened outside the Amsterdam city center. Some neighborhoods in the city center and Amsterdam Zuid, like Nieuwmarktbuurt, Museumkwartier and Zuidas, even saw a decrease in listings.

The biggest increase happened in neighborhood De Punt in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, where the number of listings doubled. Though listings in De Punt are still low at only 12. In Tuindorp Nieuwendam the number of listings increased with nearly 43 percent and in Willemspark there was an almost 22 percent increase. 

The full map can be seen here.

In May the municipality of Amsterdam announced plans to oblige all Airbnb landlords to report their listing to the municipality. Should they fail to do so, they may face a fine of up to 20,500 euros. Airbnb called on users to protest against this measure.