Video: Antelope attacks, tackles giraffe surprising Rotterdam zoo visitors

Kudu attacks giraffe at Rotterdam Zoo, 13 Jun 2017
Kudu attacks giraffe at Rotterdam Zoo, 13 Jun 2017. (Photo: Screenshot / YouTube)

Rotterdam zoo visitors got a quite unusual show on Tuesday. A kudu - a type of antelope - attacked a giraffe. Videos of the attack show the kudu pushing the much larger giraffe over several times. The giraffe finally managed to rejoin the group of other giraffes, after which the kudu backed off.

The strange attack was witnessed by a large number of zoo visitors, according to RTV Rijnmond. A number of them filmed the kudu attack and posted it online.

According to the broadcaster, the two species have been living in the same enclosure for years. Why the kudu suddenly decided to attack is unclear.