Dutch slightly more satisfied with their lives

The Dutch are generally very satisfied with their lives. When asked to score their lives out of ten, on average Dutch gave a score of 7.6 in 2016, Statistics Netherlands revealed on Wednesday. That is slightly higher than the average 7.5 of 2015. 

Netherlands residents gave their daily activities a score of 7.3, compared to 7.2 in 2015. And their social life got a score of 7.6. Physical health scored somewhat lower at 7.0, the same as in 2015. And psychiatric health scored higher at 7.8, stable for the past four years.

When it comes to safety and their living environment, the Dutch are also satisfied. Respondents scored their living environment a 7.8 on average and safety a 7.3. 

More Dutch are also satisfied with their own financial situations. Last year 73 percent of adult Dutch indicated that they were satisfied with their current financial situation and 47 percent said that they aren't concerned about their financial future. That is significantly higher than the previous figures from 2013, when 68 percent were satisfied and 40 percent were unconcerned.