Den Bosch priest caught accepting over €100,000 from elderly woman

Rosary on an open bible (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/James Chan) cross, jesus, roman catholic . (Rosary on an open bible (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/James Chan))

A 37-year-old priest was reprimanded by the bishop in Den Bosch for accepting money from a deeply religious, elderly woman. The 89-year-old woman gave over 100 thousand euros to the priest between 2011 and 2015, the Volkskrant reports.

If the priest accepts any more money from the woman, he will be suspended. 

One of the woman's nephews discovered the money transfers. "What my aunt does with her money is her free choice", he said to the Volkskrant. "But I think this is a matter of indoctrination by a priest of a deeply religious woman."

According to the diocese, the priest promised that he will not accept any further money from the woman. The priest himself did not want to comment on the matter. "It's a private affair between her and me", he said to the newspaper.